Why Private label?

In 2023, you’re wasting your time if you’re not private labelling. Dropshipping today has come a long way, despite its reputation and difficulty, Private Labelling Dropshipping done right, can be the most profitable eCommerce business you can ever start.

You can either spend between thousands to get this up and running with risk of inventory or try it out  with a simple monthly subscription and have the same advantages the top 1% of dropshippers have.

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48hours Express Shipping

Merchants have access to free 3-5 days standard shipping and 48hrs express delivery on all products.

Custom branding

With private labelling by Xcatalog merchants have access to 3 tiers of product branding and packaging.

Automation & Ease

On our platform, merchants have access to a robust dashboard with intuitive UI to sync and manage products as well as fulfill orders.

How It Works

Private Labelling with Xcatalog
involves just 4 simple steps

Product Selection

Merchants pick or submit a product request for a product to label

Stocking and Labelling

Selected product is prepared and shipped to our warehouses according to the lead time.

Order Reception & Delivery

Product initial inventory is loaded, updated and merchant can start selling and receiving orders right away!


Features At Glance

Diverse Catalog

Gain Access a catalog of handpicked best sellers or simply submit a product request.

Express Shipping

Private labelling by xcatalog offers free fast shipping as well as an express 48 hours shipping

Product Branding

Access 3 levels of package customization and product branding with Private Labelling by xcatalog.

Easy Integration

With Private Labelling by Xcatalog, you can easily sync products and orders to and from your shopify or Ecwid shop, with just a click of a button.

Automated Order Fulfillment

With private labelling by Xcatalog , you gain access to our automated fulfillment interface, simply pay for an order and its shipped.

Logistics & Inventory Automation

Fretting over logistics and risk of unsold inventory are a thing of the past with Private Labelling By Xcatalog.