Frequently Asked Questions

Currently our warehouses ship exclusively to the continental USA

If you can’t find your preferred product in our best selling catalog, simply submit a product request. Our Team would review and add it to our catalog within 72 hours.

With Private Labelling By Xcatalog, you get two main shipping options. The Free 4-5 Business days shipping and the 48hrs express shipping at a fixed cost.

With private labelling by Xcatalog , we offer a modular private Labelling Experience, allowing merchants to dip their toe in a scale as needed. Tier one : Is the custom slip with logo in package Tier two : Fully Custom Packages Tier Three : Full Product and Package customization.

Most likely we do, Private Labelling by Xcatalog connects seamlessly with shopify or Ecwid.

The Waiting List approval process, is mostly between 1-7 business days, depending on the amount of requests. Note that you would receive an instant notification once you are approved.

Select influencers , partners and existing Xcatalog users are issued a limited number of codes each month. So keep an eye out.

If a product arrives damaged or does not arrive at all, issues a full refund to the merchant.

The Lead time is how long is takes for a private labelled item to be in stock after private labelling. Note that, items that show “In stock” can be listed and sold immediately they are private labelled.

Items with the “In Transit” status are products that are not yet in our warehouse. Once they are private labelled, the products are sent to our warehouse, how long it takes to arrive depends on the listed “Lead Time

With Xcatalog private labelling merchants can only label one item at a time and can only switch after 30 days of private labelling.

When you get an order, it is automatically synced to your Private Labelling Dashboard. There you can pay and have your order shipped.

Currently we do not offer bulk ordering , however this would be a future upgrade for hand picked merchants

The Private Labelling Product research bot, allows merchants to use the advanced deep learning AI to find and label top products which are more likely t sell when labelled.